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Choosing a pet relocation service and entrusting your furry friend to strangers is a hard thing to do. Pets are sensitive, especially in new environments and unfamiliar faces, but you do not have to worry about that with Luxury Pet Express. We are qualified and approved to offer luxurious pet transportation services, and you can trust that your pet will reach the intended destination safely and happily.

We have put across the necessary measures for the pet’s comfort throughout the journey. We are for the idea that pets should be treated like people and not as cargo.

Our services

Suppose your pet needs extra attention during transportation. In that case, our luxury puppy flight nanny goes an extra mile to ensure the comfort of pets with anxiety, mobility challenges, blindness, and hearing problems. At Luxury Pet Express, we understand how precious your pet is to you and are here to offer the best pet relocation services to make their travel experience as fun as their owners’. We have over ten years of experience, so you can trust that we will exceed your expectations. We aim to guide pet owners through the entire luxury pet transport process, including planning and ensuring that the pet happily and safely lands in their new home.

At Luxury Pet Express, we understand that your furry animal is an important part of your family, and we will treat the pet as our own. You want to ensure the most comfortable transportation, and that is precisely what you get from us. We put optimum care and effort into their relocation to ensure a smooth and efficient process from the pet’s collection from one destination to delivery at the intended destination.



Our Team

Our animal transportation company team is highly trained and experienced in pet relocation. They will coordinate all the aspects, including blood tests, import and export permits, and flights. Our flights are not ordinary services. All services are first class and luxurious to guarantee the pet’s comfort. We are certified to offer door to door and express pet relocation. We mainly focus on long-distance non-stop relocation to ensure that your furry animal gets to their destination within the shortest period.

Our pet movers services are entirely personal, so you can trust that we handle every move with extreme care while paying attention to every detail. We are committed to offering reliable pet relocation services by ensuring that each process is configured to meet your precise needs. Our team is made of pet lovers, so we all enjoy doing what we do.




Used them before they went public. I was refereed to them from a co-worker. Worked out great. The private treatment my cats received was perfect! I highly recommend them.
Tiya Worthington

I will only use private transport for my dogs from now on. This was such a great idea!
Randy Pierson

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