About us

Luxury Pet Express is an established luxury pet relocation company that offers the best quality and reliable transportation to your furry best friend. The company was established in 2020 by a team of skilled pet relocation experts. Luxury Pet Express’ founders have over ten years of experience in handling pets, and you can therefore trust that the services they have put together are designed with your pet’s best interest at heart.

Luxury Pet Express is a one-stop destination for all pet relocation needs. We offer safe and secure relocation services for your pet to ensure that the animals are comfortable and feeling loved throughout the journey. Our founders bring a lifetime of experience and professionalism in animal care and transportation. We take pride in our team of experts who are with us because they love animals and are passionate about their job. We boast of our personable approach in pet relocation and caring attitude to your best friend.

With our extensive experience in animal handling and transportation, Luxury Pet Express is an international pet moving and relocation company specializing in traveling and moving solutions for individuals looking for first-class services.

We are pleased to offer red carpet treatment for your furry friend with our exclusive, first-class luxury ground and luxury private jet transport. For five-star services, we will have our private jet as your pet’s exclusive chauffeur. All pets are under constant supervision with toys and treats throughout the journey. The pet will also receive an exclusive travel pack that entails all necessary travel accessories.

Our pet relocation systems are designed to offer optimum comfort and safety that your pet needs during transportation. We have a vast connection to pet relocation companies, so you can trust that we will connect you with the best fitting services. We take our time to assess and select the best escort to ensure that your pet is in the safest hands.