Luxury Pet Express offers unmatched cat transport services to your loving pets

Our pets are our best friends – the animals can’t speak, but they fill you with warmth and care, leaving cat owners emotionally connected with them. We know that you care for your furry cats just like your kids. That is why we strive to offer flawless services, be it on the ground transport for pets or by air.

Why choose Luxury Pet Express for cat delivery service?

Our experience in the cat care industry helps us offer excellent cat transport & cat shipping services to our clients. Every minute detail of the transportation is addressed by our team meticulously. When you hand us your cat, it is our onus and responsibility to keep them happy and engaged through the journey. We are well-acquainted with the different steps and processes involved in ensuring that your cat travels safely and readily with us.

Every staff member at Luxury Pet Express is passionate about his or her role – not only that; we ensure best practices on the ground and in the air. Our top priority is to offer end-to-end and comprehensive pet transport solutions customized and personalized as per the need of our esteemed clients.

Cat transport services

How our cat transport service is exclusive and unique?

Elite cat transport services marked by a luxurious experience for your cats.
We understand your requirement and take full responsibility for the cats to offer them a seamless experience on the road and in the air.
A full-fledged team of seasoned professionals who have worked with high-end brands.
When you choose to transport your precious cats from one place to another, we offer you options to select, knowing well what your cat will be comfortable with.

Cat air transport

Our air cat transport services are known for the refined and polished execution and deliveries. Today, we are one of the premier companies in the US cat transport industry. We painstakingly put your cat onboard a chartered flight where the pilot and the crew ensure a thoroughly enjoyable journey for the cat.

There are trained and passionate pet nannies in the flight. They are in and around the cat all the time. The cats are engaged and soothed throughout the in-flight journey, helping them settle down comfortably.

Cat transport services by high-end luxury car

Journey on the ground can be tasking for the cats as the flights. Being fully aware of the same, our drivers, nannies, and ground staff do everything to offer a comfortable ride to the cat. Breaks are taken after every 3 to 4 hours so that cats can unwind and relieve themselves.

Every staff member is hired only after they are verified, and it is made sure that they are compliant with the required standards.
At every step, we keep your representatives updated in real-time on the cat’s health and mood. We also keep you informed of the cat’s movement throughout the journey.

Safety standards are very important at Luxury Pet Express. Luxury Pet Express is the other name for a distinct promise of reliability and unparalleled services. From GPS installed vehicles to booking the pets in top pet-friendly hotels, trained nannies and drivers to ensuring statutory compliances at all time services, we do everything to keep your cats happy and safe throughout.

Cat transport services