Excellent luxurious dog transport services near me – call Luxury Pet Express

When it is about your pet, you need nothing less than experienced specialists to do the job. That is why Luxury Pet Express should be your choice because we are known for offering professional, no-frills dog transport service near me.

It would not be wrong to say that we are the best in the business today. Service standards that are internationally accepted and completely synched with the best practices of the trade! When you entrust us with the responsibility of dog shipping service, you can be assured of having made the best choice. We say so because we have the right mix of professional acumen, expertise, competency, and experience to offer a fabulous experience to your four-footed companion.

Dong transportation services

Why choose Luxury Pet Express as a dog shipping company?

1. Our domain expertise

There are many professionals who provide dog transportation services in the country. That is true. But, the kind of domain knowledge we have is incomparable. Having been associated with the pet transportation industry, we know exactly how to handle each dog breed.

  • Our trained and expert team members are quick to comprehend the pet’s body language and accordingly ensure that the animal is given the right solution impromptu.
  • Every team member works with a passion and energy that is infectious, maintaining a unique level of excitement in our workspace.
  • All team members are selected after a series of a strict assessment process.
  • We also have a meticulously-driven training program that enables the team to stay updated with the industry’s latest.

2. Safety and security

These are two key areas of dog transport service near me that are given top priority by Luxury Pet Express. We are well aware of your emotional connection with your pet. We understand how difficult it is for you and the dog to be away from one another – more of the pet because it cannot express in so many words. It is natural for pet owners to be concerned about the safety of their pets, be it air transport or ground. Towards this end, we have a failsafe process in place that ensures that you are always abreast with the dog’s movement. With the help of advanced technology, we keep you informed about the vehicle movement, ground, and air. Be it happiness or sadness, a frown, or a moment of excitement, we share all of that on your contact number or that of your representative. We ensure that you do not feel disconnected from your loving pet. In case you need to move earlier than your pet, or your pet needs to stay put for a longer time, we ensure that it has a luxurious kennel space for itself, matching with the kind of ambiance it gets to enjoy at home.

3. A systematic process of dog shipping services that are filled with love and care

We know how the animal gets hyper, and all worked up when it is separated from you. The sight of an aircraft or a car can further accelerate its tension and stress. Not to worry! Our ably-trained dog nannies are there to ensure minimal discomfort to the pet. It will take the pet some time to adjust to the new surroundings, but we are fast and have a thorough understanding of dog behaviors and mannerisms to help it adapt and acclimatize speedily. With a lot of personal care and affection, your pets are handled by all of us. Every effort is made to ensure that the pet’s home schedule is maintained onboard the car or flight. And, in case the dog is missing you too much, one of us fills in to help it relax and settle down comfortably during the journey.