Choose Luxury Pet Express for a fabulously luxurious pet air transport

Your furry pets have been pampered with all the best things in the world. Therefore, when you choose to move to an international destination or go for a long vacation at a far-flung place, it is imperative to book your dear pets with a world-class transport service that can ferry it magnificently. Luxury Pet Express has been a part of the pet transport domain for years now with a seasoned team to handle your pet with the best-in-the-world care and attention.

Air travel can be challenging for your animal, and, we understand that thoroughly! So, it is good to choose an expert like us for pet air transport. We shower our complete attention and focus on the pet, offering it bespoke care to settle it through the journey and till the time it hugs you back at the new destination.

Pet air transport

Why choose Luxury Pet Express for pet air transport?

  • An unparalleled experience that gives us a unique competitive edge over other players in the industry.
  • A team of dedicated and passionate pet lovers who do not mind going the extra mile to ensure that your pets get the most lavish experience in the air, as it is used to, at home.
  • Being a part of the industry, we are well-versed with the latest rules and regulations regarding pet air transport.
  • Our strong relationships with leading chartered airlines around the world. This is a big plus when you choose Luxury Pet Express to transport your pets by air.
  • During pet air transport, we use the help of advanced technology and high-end tools to ensure superlative services.
Pet air transport

Choosing Luxury Pet Express for pet air transport

There is a guarantee for your peace of mind when you decide to go ahead with us as your partner for having your pet transported. It is a promise of top-quality services that help your pet relax with minimal fuss and travel from one corner of the Earth to the other in absolute ease and comfort.


  • We need time to work out the best route for your pet. You need to be patient with us and give us at least a month of notice to arrange for pet air transport.
  • There is elaborate paperwork required. A visit to the vet is mandatory. Many other factors need to be taken care of when you choose to transport your pets through the air.
  • A certified vet needs to issue a health certificate ten days before pet air transport.
  • Vaccination for rabies needs to be administered to the pet before travel.
  • Annual vaccinations or other import permits need to be met – all of this depends on the country you are traveling to.

Our pet air transport services include:

Picking your pet from your home a day before departure.
Customs clearance and delivery to your new address at the destination.
Completing the obligatory formalities, including Exim paperwork, USDA endorsement, IPATA-approved shipping containers, paying for the air cargo, and more.
Night boarding at a luxurious kennel and airport transfer.