Luxury Pet Express – a name that you can trust for pet ground transport

Hiring a pet transport service by ground is no longer a hassle or a cause of worry! Because Luxury Pet Express is here, we understand that pet ground transport can be the reason for endless stress and strain as pet parents. Understandably so! After all, you do not just leave your kids with anyone, how can you trust pet ground shipping with any pet travel company?

Why choose pet ground transport?

It is not uncommon for rich-and-famous pet parents to choose pet transport service by ground. It is an ideal option when:

  • The distance being traveled is not that far that you need to have your pet travel by air.
  • The place being traveled to does not have an airport; therefore, cat and dog ground transport becomes necessary.
  • Your pets are more used to ground transportation – they have traveled in a luxurious car to go to the vet, or a visit to the park, etc. It makes your cats and dogs comfortable during pet ground shipping.
  • If you have multiple pets that need to travel, ground transport for pets is an effective option with minimal hassle.
  • The option of door-to-door services is a big differentiating point between pet ground shipping and pet air travel.

    Why choose Luxury Pet Express for ground transport for pets?

    When you decide on dog ground transport, make sure that you rely only on the industry’s best player. Remember, even if the animal travels in a familiar mode, things could still be a bit unsettling – hence, it is so crucial to put your trust in the right travel company for ground transport for pets.

    Choose Luxury Pet Express for pet ground transport because:

    • We ensure to have the dog or the cat feel settled in the vehicle during ground transport for pets with a single-family in per car.
    • Our pet ground transport services are fully pet friendly so that you can be at peace when you choose us.
    • Other features of our ground transport for pets – Trained drivers, IPATA member, GPS Tracking onboard our vehicle, certified staff in First Aid, CPR facilities available, real-time tracking of your pets, and photographs sent to you on a time-to-time basis.

    Besides, you never need to worry because we offer one-to-one customized care to each of your pets during pet ground transport. There are breaks after 3 hours, and we do not discriminate whatsoever.
    Luxury Pet Express is a known name in the pet ground shipping industry, and we offer pet transport service by ground anywhere within the US. Use our dog ground transport services today, your pets will love you for it!