Luxury Pet Express – premier pet transportation company for international pet transport

When you relocate to the US, it is highly likely that your pet also joins you here. International pet transport can be a tricky affair – every country has its own set of rules and expects a hundred percent compliance. The detailed documentation, the security checks, custom checks, and the statutory import regulations can be quite stressful and mind-boggling. Until and unless, of course, you have the best international pet transport service provider working for you to ensure that your pet arrives safely and soundly into the US.

Why do you need specialized pet transporters for international pet shipping?

Pets need special care, just like your little ones. Luxury Pet Express ensures that pet parents and their four-legged companions are not away from each other for too long. We take it upon ourselves to connect you and your pets seamlessly.

Hire our international pet services because:

We are the best in the business. After all, we have been in this business for a credible number of years now.
Help your pet receive the endorsement from USDA and assist you with the safe delivery of the pets to your representatives.
We undertake the complete documentation process so that clearance at the customs is no issue at all.

What are the papers required by the US authorities for international pet transport?

  • The pet needs to be checked by a certified veterinarian and have a health certificate issued. And this needs to be done within ten days of travel.
  • The pet needs a Rabies vaccination certificate where the vaccination should be at least a month old and not more than a year old.
  • Another important document that should accompany your pet is the entire list of vaccinations that the fluffy animal has gotten in the last year.
  • Certain other papers may be required depending on the country where the pet is flying or its country of origin. Plus, the pet may need to go into mandatory quarantine for a specified period on arrival at a licensed kennel. There are so many formalities to take care of – as long as Luxury Pet Express is there with you, you won’t have any tension or pressure. Every single step in the process is taken care of by us.

With our excellent on-the-ground and internal air transportation, we ensure that your pet arrives safely, in extreme comfort, and surrounded by a home-like environment.
Being a leader in offering luxurious pet transport, Luxury Pet Express ensures top-class international pet shipping to your four-legged companions.

Choose us for incredible international transportation for your pet:

  • Seamless updates in real-time about your pet’s movement, ensuring the finest quality of care to your pet,
  • A team of professionally trained experts who are also animal lovers.
  • Minute detailing at every step.

Hassle-free and safe international pet relocation services

Over half the population has pets, and some want to relocate their pets along with them for many reasons. Pets like puppies and cats are like family members for most of those with it, and leaving behind such lovable and affectionate creatures is not an option for most of them. We at Luxurypetexpress understand it well as we are the best international pet relocation services. Our international pet movers relocate pets from any location to even the most remote destinations. It saves our clients a lot of stress because of many rules and regulations apart from saving time, documentation efforts, and many others.

We are professional international pet movers for taking care of the pets to feel comfortable and happy during their journey. Our experts with enough experience in relocating pets take the utmost concern to fulfill all their needs. Hence, relocation for the pets will be an enjoyable experience rather than being without their affectionate caretakers.

Since our team of experts has been in the pet relocation business for a long time, we know all the intricacies of relocating pets. They take care of all the arrangements, from preparing the proper documentation to comply with all the rules and regulations from the relocation place to the destination. Hence, for the pets to not suffer any hardships but fly high in the air with joy and enough food and care to rejoin with the loved ones. Also, we have enough knowledge to take care of any sickness during the journey for the pet to be safe and healthy.

Our efficient flight arrangement complying with all the regulations will make the air trip enjoyable for the pets. From choosing the right kennel or craft prescribed by the airlines, we take care of all the pet transport cross country for their loved ones need to worry about a thing. Also, we arrange the pickup of the pet from the doorstep and deliver it to its destination with extra costs.

Hence, if you are searching for the best international dog shipping, you need not look further. Check our site for the many reviews of our satisfied customers on relocating their pets nationally and internationally, which are enough proof of our best international pet relocation services.