Luxury Pet Express offers reliable and trained puppy flight nanny to accompany your pet onboard

Luxury Pet Express has a team of professional pet flight nannies that shower your darling pets with love and pamper them, just the way that they are so used to. Driven by our love and passion for pets, each puppy flight nanny accompanies the furry pups and animals to keep them engaged during the journey.

Pet air transport

Understanding the psyche of the pet

Your pets do not look forward to traveling by air. It is stressful for them to no end. The animals could be really agitated during the flight. That’s quite understandable! Even some men and women have a fear of height, suffer from air sickness, etc.
We do not want to cause you to worry by telling you that your lovey-dovey pup does not like to get on board a flight. Things are more difficult for it because it is already suffering from separation pang from its pet parent. We usually do not suggest air travel for the doggies until and unless it is thoroughly crucial.
For example, if you are going on your vacations to a distant island, your pup would need to fly. Or, if you want it to join you fast – like, within hours or a day – we would suggest air travel.

Since you are not there traveling with the dog or the pet is traveling onboard a pet jet flight, the presence of a loving puppy flight nanny can make a lot of difference to the pet.

What does the pet nanny do?

The fear of the unknown and being in a strange surroundings can make the animal scared and frightened. A trained pet nanny will accompany the pet from the start to make him feel comfortable and help him settle down on the flight.

The nannies carry the pet, babying it, waiting on hand and foot throughout its airborne journey. They never leave the side of the pup – ensuring that they are always attended, never letting the dog feel alone or lost. Till the time we hand over the pup to you, the puppy flight nanny sticks by the side of the animal.

For ground transport, it is our crème le crème pet nanny transport team.

Our reliable nannies accompany round-the-clock your dear pets so that the car journey is flawless for the pet. Just like air travel, the furry animals are not so fond of ground transport too. They are equally agitated and trouble even if they are traveling in a high-end luxury car.
The nannies are there to soothe and comfort the animal. From the start of the journey until the end, the pups are handed back to you, safe and happy.

Call Luxury Pet Express to know more about the services of our flight nanny for puppy.

Pet air transport