Luxury Pet Express pet transportation costs

At Luxury Pet Express, we are particular about every furry member that travels with us – in our private vehicles, or by air. Details of the pet transportation cost and terms and conditions are mentioned here to make your work easier to choose our services.


The pet transport cost for private travel is dependent on these factors:

    1. Size of the animal.
    2. The space they occupy, for ground travel.
    3. The gas surcharge charge is a variable and depends upon the gas prices.
    4. Crate charges – you need first to choose the crate type and size. There will be a surcharge on a per-mile basis, which will also increase the pet transport cost.

Private travel – pets from single-family travel in a vehicle.

The pet transportation cost is calculated as per the distance, the mileage, and Luxury Pet Express’s planning fee. For details, kindly get in touch with us at (855) 876-9959. The pet transport cost will vary depending on whether the pet has to be collected and delivered door-to-door or it will be delivered and picked up from our offices.


The pet transport cost for private travel is dependent on these factors:

    1. When you choose to transport your pet by air, the pet transportation cost is determined by your pet’s weight. In this case, the weight of the crate also is a determinant of the pet transportation cost. It means that if your pet is heavy and the crate is large-sized, the pet transport cost will be high.
    2. The other factor for determining the pet transport cost is where the pet needs to be picked up from and delivered back.
    3. There are also handling charges, customs clearance, vet services, boarding charges, and crate purchase costs that add up the pet transportation costs.