Luxury Pet Express – premium and royal pet transport for your dear fluffy companions

While pets are our best companions, they have their share of fears and phobias. Most fluffy pets are scared of getting on board a flight, or a car, even though the vehicle is top of the line and has the most luxurious setting inside. You lovey-dovey dogs and cats love to be grounded – take it from us – we have been in the pet transport services for umpteen years now. We know exactly how the animal feels as it is cajoled and comforted before the journey, irrespective of the species –however ferocious or gentle the animal is.

Introducing Luxury Pet Express

From humble beginnings to encrypting a story that aspires many, Luxury Pet Express is one of the preferred luxury pet care companies in the country today. Over the years of our existence, we have grown manifold; thanks, to our par-excellent services and solutions. We are recognized in the industry circles and by our loyal clients for our outstanding work. All of it is because we are all diehard animal enthusiasts and pet lovers, committed to ensuring that every pet has an immersive and enriching experience, whether abroad, a flight, or a luxurious car.

Luxury Pet Express offers exemplary pet transport services

Your association with Luxury Pet Express is based on a promise of delivering the highest quality of pet care. Especially when your pet is set to undertake a journey where it is uneasy, probably frightened, and would do anything to avoid the experience. There are reasons why the animal is all worked up. The separation pangs from you works together with the travel phobia to create fear in its mind.

We understand all this because we have handled hundreds of pets to date – all from families where they enjoy premium luxury in their home surroundings and are used to pamper, love, and care at every step. Our efforts aim to replicate a similar kind of ambiance and service when the animal is onboard flights and vehicles.

The safety of your pet is our first priority

When you hire our pet transport services, we know that you are looking at a holistic experience. You want assurance about the pet’s well-being during its short tenure of separation from you and your family. We understand that. That is why; we have imbibed the industry’s best practices to ensure that you have no worries as a pet parent. Our safety and security endeavors involve:

  • A professionally defined process in place that offers a comprehensive end-to-end experience to the pet.
  • Skilled and trained staff on board, meticulously proficient in following every step in the process.
  • Our driver and pet nannies are hired through a stringent employment process.
  • Every employee is given a proper induction and training throughout to ensure that they are always abreast with the industry’s highest standards.
  • Compliances are an essential entity in our to-do list. Be it kennel for a night over, the flight or the vehicle, hiring our staff, or executing processes on the way, every care is taken to ensure that statutory compliances are integrated thoroughly with our service offerings.
  • Our ground pet transport services are characterized by – GPS-enabled cars, tracking the vehicle in real-time with advanced technology, keeping you and your staff informed about your pet’s movement, and video or image updates sent to your smartphone regularly so that you always know where your dear pet is.
  • A strict policy of one-vehicle-for one-family for ground pet transport services. Door-to-door pet transport covering the entire US as well as foreign locales.

Caring for the pet en route

  • Your pets travel in the most premium and luxurious vehicles fitted with all modern amenities and services.
  • We are partnered with only a selected few top chartered flight companies that offer services, which are nothing less than world-class.
  • Every effort is made to ensure that the pet feels at home, be it the car or the flight. It is one technique that helps the animal settle down and be comforted most effectively.
  • We ensure that the home schedule is followed intricately during the journey. A regular break at an interval of 3 to 4 hours is provided during ground transport. The pets need to get their me-time.

When you chose Luxury Pet Express for pet transport, you can relax for your pet is given the royal treatment that it is used to at home.