Reliable, safe, and luxurious puppy transport from Luxury Pet Express

Our pets are a part of our family. For most pet parents, there is not much that differentiates their pets from their kids. That is why, when you need to relocate or go on a long vacation, you would want to have your pet accompany you. If, due to restrictions, it cannot travel with you, you would like to look for reliable and topmost pet and puppy transportation services in your region.

If you love your pet as much as we do our job, then get in touch with Luxury Pet Express. We are exactly what you are looking for – professional, proficient, and passionate about pets. Particularly, our furry clients are given the best travel experience, be it in the air or on the ground.

About us

Luxury Pet Express has been in the pet transportation business for more than a decade now. We are all trained and have the qualification to care for the four-footed animals. With experience, our skills have only got sharpened – and, today, we take pride in sharing with you that we are one of the top-rated service providers in the puppy transport industry in the US. Our clients refer us, and a good percentage of our business comes through word of mouth.

What can you expect from us?



Be it your kids or your pet, you want someone you can trust and depend on with a hundred percent surety. Our team members are thoroughly professional, and when it comes to handling your dear pup, we offer door to door transportation so that you can yourself hand us over the pet and vice versa at the destination. Our staff members meticulously execute each step in our puppy transportation service, be it our drivers, pet nannies, or pet handlers.


Puppy transport involves a lot of documentation work. There are visits to the vet, certificates, and vaccinations to be ensured, and if it is an international move, there are various regulations of each country. There are custom clearances, import rules, and so much more. It is a tedious process. We strongly advise you to stick with an expert because it could be too stressful for you to do the work independently. As long as we are here, you need not worry – we offer an end-to-end solution for pet transport, be it the vaccinations, paperwork, or arranging for a luxurious kennel for the pup for a stay before the journey!